This one word can have different meanings.  How can that be?  I often find myself in many different sides of this word.  At times I don’t know why, as in other times I may.  It’s nothing like having a positive “Attitude” from day to day.  What about when it’s negative?  I mean are we entitled to have that side.  This one word, different meanings or sides.  So what’s your take?  How’s your “Attitude” today?


via Daily Prompt: Conversation 

Conversation can be good, bad, difficult or easy.  We all have had conversation once in a point of our lives.  Conversation is a way of getting to know others.  Some could have a conversation with themselves, spouses, friends, siblings or children.  Conversation will always be a word of use.


via Daily Prompt: Cozy

There’s nothing like being cozy.  I just love getting in my most comfy pajamas, with some warm green tea, and my cozy blanket.  Just feeling so relaxed is one of the best feelings ever.  I look forward to the weekends, when I may have the time to get cozy.


via Daily Prompt: Extravagant

When I hear that word extravagant, I think BIG!!! Just being over the top with something.  I think the most extravagant I’ve been was when I was completely single.  I could spend money and had no worries about it.  I wasn’t a BIG spender but I knew if I wanted it, I could get it.  Now that I’m a mother and a wife, you can’t do that all the time.  Especially as my son grows, the more clothes or shoes he needs.  Well, maybe one day I’ll have my Extravagant moment again.


What do you feel when you hear the word PROSPERITY? What impact does it have on you? Do you feel moved when this word flows from your mouth?  I feel we all have prosperity over us.  We should all feel prosperous in some time in life.  Prosperity gives the extra boost needed in order to get through certain situations.  Come on, say it one time: PROSPERITY (say it loud).


via Daily Prompt: Confess

This word brings so many thoughts to mind.  The word “Confess,” is often not a daily word used.  How would one confess?  Would we know that’s the real confession?  I can’t think back to a time where I confessed?  Wow! It’s been that long to think of this word.  Confess Confess Confess! Maybe I’ll confess to my husband that I want to go on a vacation to Bora Bora.  This is one of my dream vacations I haven’t told him about.


This one word is very powerful.  This one word can be used in so many ways.  How well do you know this word?  What does it mean to you?  LOVE.  Is it true? Is it false? Is it real? Is it fake?  LOVE.  Is it from the heart?  Is it from the head?  LOVE.  Do you really mean it?  Are you just saying it?  LOVE.  Four letters with different meanings.